Developing and Growing Small Business Program

Funded by Multicultural Affairs Queensland, MCC provides non-accredited training to migrants who want to learn how to set up and run a small business in Australia. There are two streams of participants: STREAM 1 – No business experienced participants; STREAM 2 – participants who already have a small business but require some business coaching to thrive.

STREAM 1: Through some workshops, the participants learn about Business Planning, Budgeting, Marketing, Basic Accounting, Work Health and Safety, Legislation, and much more. Some of the participants receive Food Safety training in order to be able to prepare and sell food during some of MCC’s events (market nights). Some other participants receive Cleaning training in order to empower the participants to start their own cleaning business.

STREAM 2: Through a series of business coaching meetings, the participants go through a SWOT analysis and focus on what strategies they need to put into practice in order to improve their business and enlarge their clientele.

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