Diverse Queensland Workforce Program





The Diverse Queensland Workforce program is a brand-new project funded by the Queensland Government to assist migrants, refugees, and international students into employment. The program aims to help over 1000 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities around Queensland. The Multicultural Community Centre aims to assist participants in gaining employment through our One Stop Shop. Do you need help in connecting with the right people, or a point in the right direction, if so, we are the place for you! The goal for each participant is to assist them in finding their confidence to enter the Australian workforce and to gain employment. The program will be hosted by the Multicultural Community Centre in Newmarket.

This Diverse Queensland Workforce project is proudly funded by the Queensland Government.

We have had many people who have shared their stories in the difficulty to gain employment, people have said I need a job but can’t even get an interview at cafe or they have had employers say they are the best fit for the job, but the only problem is they don’t have Australian work experience. At MCC we are passionate about assisting migrants, refugees, and international students in gaining the job opportunities, assisting them start small businesses or go on to referring them to further education and training. Each person’s journey will be different dependent on the need of individual. * Eligibility criteria applies

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